Find out with your personalized and detailed, 30-page ScaleUp Assessment report. You will gain a better understanding on how well prepared you are for Scaling Up, how you and your company compare to your peers and what your priorities may be. What do you need to reach the ‘next level’? Take your first step towards becoming a strong growth organization: request an assessment. 

Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless. The most successful business leaders have a clear vision and the disciplines (routines) to make it a reality.

― Verne Harnish, Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't

Scaleup Data bv is a Netherlands-based company. Its purpose is to create and develop assessments to help and support entrepreneurs globally. With the anonymized benchmarking data, Scaleup Data aims to create ongoing insights on how to support and scale entrepreneurs. Scaleup Data bv has a close partnership with Scaling Up/Gazelles of Verne Harnish.

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